HeyU Reading List: He's Just Not that Into You

We didn't want to like He's Just Not that Into You, but we loved it.

For one, we weren't huge fans of Sex and the City. Don't kill us! The clothes were gorgeous; all the women were fierce, and the show had a glitz that spoke to our country hearts. But when we watched an episode on TV, we were always more "eh," than "ah!" Maybe we were at the wrong age.

Anyway, why aren't women penning books titled She's Just Not That Into You? We've had several instances where that book would have come pretty handy.

When we finally read He's Just Not that Into You, we realized that this was a feminist book! Greg, the blonde tipped, ska loving writer loves women! It's a book that tells you to love yourself and to stop making excuses for the men in your life. It's not that "he's not into you," it's he's not good enough, so move on. In the words of Steve Harvey, "Men respect standards--get some." If he doesn't call, doesn't invite you to dinner (to all the ladies on internet dating), doesn't treat you well, then move on. A person who cares for you will always make time for you.

We're learning this one day at a time! Read this book; laugh at the jokes; see yourself in the scenarios, and move on.

We out, grandma sweaters and all.

Team HeyU

P.S.- have you read any good relationship books lately?