The Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating #2

DON'T overwhelm your date with too many texts.


Online dating doesn't just consist of forming a connection via a message, swipe, or wink, but by later establishing a stronger connection through text messages. I once came across a guy through an online dating app who's profile caught my eye, and after a few successful messages with each other, we decided to meet for drinks.

After confirming a day, time, and location for our date, we exchanged numbers so that we'd be able to contact each other upon our arrival to the bar if need be.

The date was still a few days away, so I fully expected to see a lull in our communication in between planning the date and actually meeting. Boy, was I wrong. Less than a day after exchanging numbers, I began receiving photos via text message from the guy.

                                        I love cats too but you're no Taylor Swift?

                                        I love cats too but you're no Taylor Swift?

The first photo was of him cuddling in his bed with his cat--unnecessary, but relatively harmless. I didn't respond to the text thinking that he'd realize that I wasn't that amused by the photo. Less than a day later though, I began receiving photos more frequently and in a more cryptic manner. Next was a photo of him with a snorkel mask followed by a random photo of Daft Punk.

While I was fortunate enough not to receive any dick pics, the more our date drew closer, the more frequently I received photos and the more uninterested I became. I finally cancelled the date a few days before meeting him. My reasoning was, if I was already receiving this many texts from him before we even met, how many more texts (and what sort of texts) would I receive after meeting face-to-face?

By Amy

Amy is a cutie from Austin. She enjoys working in the nonprofit sector, binge walking documentaries, and dreaming that her life was a musical. For December, she's sharing some pointers for online dating.