What Happens When Facebook Bans Dating Apps From Advertising

Facebook finally allowed dating apps to advertise again. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. I'm not sure until my ad gets approved.

So when HeyU first launched, we tried to advertise on Facebook. We spent hours making ads only to be told 24 hours later that our ad was rejected because we were a dating app. We weren't allowed to boost posts or do anything to let people know that we exist. 

But we're not like any other dating app. We're not about holding hands--though we enjoy doing that. We're not about grading people or allowing a certain gender to message another gender first nor do we care about where you went to school. Those variables do not indicate how you are going to treat a stranger online. 

We're about explorers, bad asses searching for something new. We're about humans, personality, and sensibility. Our advertisements, just like us, are different. We don't have pictures of people kissing one another--we enjoy that as well--but we don't need it on a billboard. We have photos of Queen Elizabeth, Sir Walter Raleigh, astronauts, skateboarders, techies--real people--searching for love on HeyU.

Dear Facebook, we're trying to create something different in online dating. The best way we know how to describe it is to show you. So please let us do that and please let us show the millions of people searching for someone that we exist and that we are here for them.

We've tried to advertise on Facebook for six months and that ordeal continues, not because we did anything wrong but because we belong to a category. The internet was invented for freedom of speech. Please let us advertise on Facebook.